Patrycja Lerch


Commissions - OPEN


portait - $70

half body - $120

full body - $150


The presented prices are starting prices and they are negotiable. The price may be changed for:
⟡ greyscale -10%
⟡ detailed background +50%
⟡ detailed design +25-50%
⟡ commercial use
⟡ only text description - fee depends on complexity, it may take more time to complete
⟡ additional changes - fee depends on complexity

Terms of Service

By ordering commission you agree to the Terms of Service. By violating these terms and/or inappropriate behaviour commission will be cancelled.⟡ I reserve the right to decline the commission for any reason.⟡ I reserve the right to cancel the commision at any time for any reason. You will receive a refund if this happens.⟡ I will not use generative AI.⟡ Keep in mind that I will make commission in my style. Check my social media or portfolio to see if it fits your vision.

⟡ fantasy
⟡ dark fantasy
⟡ OCs
⟡ fanart

⟡ nsfw
⟡ excessive gore
⟡ offensive content
⟡ mecha/machinery
⟡ real people

Characters from Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Elden Ring, Pathfinder, DnD and others are welcome.If you want something that is not listed feel free to ask.


⟡ I retain the full copyright of the commissioned artwork. I do not own your character or your story.⟡ I can post the work on social media and use it for portfolio unless we agree otherwise.⟡ Commissions are for personal use only. You are allowed to use the artwork for profile pictures, banners, character charts etc. and print it for your personal use only.⟡ You are allowed to post in on your social media as long as you properly credit me.⟡ You cannot profit from the artwork. You cannot sell it. You cannot use it to promote something.⟡ For commercial use contact me.⟡ If you violate any of the presented terms you will lose all the rights to the commission.Turning my art into NFT and using it for any AI training technologies is forbidden.

Payment & Refunds

⟡ Payment in advance via Paypal⟡ Payment can be split in two parts. Half paid in advance, the rest after the work is finished. In this case lower resolution version will be sent first and the full resolution image will be sent after I have received the full payment.⟡ If I am the one cancelling commission for any reason you will be refunded.⟡ No refunds are possible after the sketch stage.


⟡ I require clear visual reference for a commission.⟡ For any design element you have not provided reference you will be charged extra.⟡ To avoid any misinterpretation please make sure that your description is coherent and references are clear.⟡ You will receive full resolution (300dpi) artwork and a smaller lower resolution version with watermark on it. Use the watermarked version when posting on social media.⟡ If I don't respond within 24h it means that your e-mail didn't reach me. Please resend the message.


⟡ Send me an e-mail at [email protected] describing commission. You can use the provided form. Be sure to provide reference images.⟡ If I accept your commission I will contact you and send you an invoice for the payment via Paypal.⟡ I will start working on commission once I have received payment.⟡ I will update you on several stages of the process for you to approve (sketch, color flats, finished piece).⟡ Changes can be done on sketch and flat color phases for free. Any additional changes will be charged⟡ Additional changes should be reasonable, I will not make big changes after the sketch is approved Price will depend on complexity of a change.⟡ If the process is delayed for any reason you will be informed.⟡ There may be timezone differences depending on where you live so the replies may take a while.Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Order Form

You can use this template as a guide or copy it into your message and fill it in. Send the e-mail at [email protected] Keep it simple and include image references. If you are not sure about anything feel free to contact me.Your name/how you wish to be adressed:Commission type (portrait, half body):Social Media handle (optional, if you want to be tagged):Scene description:Character name (optional):Character appearance:Personality description:Pose/action/expression:Background:Reference images: